Angkor Wat and Cambodia Tours - Unique Boutique Hotel Siem Reap

From tuk tuk rides to tours of the Angkor Wat temples to journeys throughout Cambodia and beyond, Journeys Within is full-service Southeast Asia tour company as well as a hotel. Journeys Within is proud of their drivers and guides and can also take you off the beaten track to see a local school, visit a village, or head to the lake.


For a complete list of our Cambodia and Southeast Asia tours, please visit Journeys Within Tour Company: Southeast Asia tours

Temple & Spa Experience
4 Days, 4 Nights


If you would like to combine a little pampering with your temple experience sign up for this tour. Each day you will head out to visit the sites of Siem Reap and then be treated to a massage experience at Unique Boutique or one of the outstanding local spas.

The Culture of the Khmer:
Ancient and Modern

4 Days, 4 Nights


Get out with your guide to explore the culture of the Khmer people knowing you will be able to return to the peace and luxury of Unique Boutique Hotel each evening.
Be awed by the temples built by the ancient Khmer and experience current day Cambodia packed into this busy 4 day visit.

Family Adventure
6 Days, 6 Nights



Traveling with kids? Unique Boutique will welcome you and make you feel at home in their Family Bungalow with space enough for everyone and a kitchen of your own should you choose to use it. Each day we will arrange for you all to get out and see not only the famous temples but to participate in some kid friendly activities too, and of course, there is always the pool for some ‘no temple’ time.

Honeymoon Stay
5 Days, 5 Nights



Start your life together with a once in a lifetime experience. Let Unique Boutique combine the ancient temples of Angkor with some modern day pampering in this five day honeymoon package.
(Even for a wedding anniversary – let us know and we can offer you the honeymoon package – you deserve it!)

In and Out
3 Days, 3 Nights



If you don’t have long in Siem Reap stay at Unique Boutique Hotel and let us fill 3 days with as much as possible! You will get to explore the major temples and to experience the local culture while enjoying the opportunity to relax and escape the heat on your return to Unique Boutique each evening.

Intensive Temples
4 Days, 5 Nights



Are you a temple aficionado? We can help you see the well known as well as the not so well known temples in the Siem Reap area. Have a true temple experience during the day and then come home to the peace and quiet of the luxurious gardens, pool and bungalows at Unique Boutique.

On the Go
5 Days, 6 Nights


Do you like to be active? Do you want to be able to get out and walk or bike ride rather than be driven everywhere? If so get on the go with us. Yes you will see the temples, but then we will arrange for you to take safe trips out to more remote areas, bike ride to a nearby village and climb a hill or two for the sunset views.

Single Special
4 Days, 5 Nights



We know that traveling single can be so expensive; we have therefore put a stay together for you, if you are coming on your own, that will make it more affordable and still enable you to get out and about and see the sites.

Adventure Cambodia
6 Days, 6 Nights